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Police and intelligence departments strengthened as precaution against Jihadis


SHILLONG, August 10: The Home Minister of Meghalaya,Lahkmen Rymbui said that the Meghalaya Police have taken on the responsibility to be on the alert and have also strengthened the Intelligence Department to ensure that Jihadis do not get a chance of carrying out any militant activities in the State.

In the past few days the Assam Police arrested 12 Jihadis who are part of the Al-Qaeda(Indian Sub-continent) and also a militant group from Bangladesh, Ansarullah Bangla Team(ABT), who have been engaged in militancy in the neighbouring state which shares a long border with Meghalaya. The arrest of the Jihadis has been a matter of concern for the civil society organisations of Meghalaya because Meghalaya dies not have any strict laws which restricts the entry and exit of people from outside the State.

According to Rymbui, the Government has strengthened the Intelligence Department and citizens are also on alert; if they spot suspicious activity or have doubts about someone, they should inform the police immediately so that they can take action accordingly. It is not only a danger for the State, but for the country as a whole, and the Intelligence Departments of the Central Government and the State Government are working together on this.


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