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Contractual Teachers’ Protest: The Education Department was the first to relax the age limit: Rymbui


SHILLONG, August 03: Lahkmen Rymbui, Minister incharge of Education said the Government had clearly stated during the years 2018 to 2020, and now no longer needs to repeat the same thing all over again with regards to the demand of the contractual school teachers who failed to clear the Meghalaya Teacher Eligibility Test (MTET) who are now in the midst of a demonstration.

He said that when the Government had to put into effect the National Council for Teacher Education, it had already been clearly stated that in order for the contractual teachers to be regularise to permanent teachers they have to fulfill the norms. He also said that from the beginning the Government had been clear that no regularisation to permanent positions will be carried forward if the contractual teachers do not pass the required exam.

Rymbui further stated that the Government has also tried to help them by relaxing the age for the recruitment of teachers, and the Education Department is the first department which had relaxed the age limit from 32 years to 37 years to give a chance to the teachers and at the same time the age limit was also relaxed up to 40 years for those already in the job.

The Minister further informed that many of the contractual basis teachers who have cleared the necessary examination have been upgraded to permanent teachers, and as for the teachers who are on an agitation at present, the Government does not want to repeat the same thing over and over since the Department has already completed the roster to facilitate recruitment of teachers in the vacant positions.

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