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The claim of H.M Shangpliang as seen on social media is false, we are still part of the UDP


Jyllep, July 27: The supporters of the United Democratic Party (UDP) of Jyllep Unit have expressed unhappiness after the news item on several media outlets after they attended a meeting called by H.M.Shangpliang, MLA of Mawsynram constituency who joined another party and claiming that all those who attended the meeting have joined the new party with him and will support him in the upcoming Assembly Election of 2023.

The UDP of Jyllep Unit while speaking with media persons expressed that the supporters of the UDP from Jyllep Unit are unhappy over the claim that people are going to support the sitting MLA, H.M Shangpliang just because they attended a meeting called by him and it is unacceptable to make such a claim for they now realise it is a mistake that they attended the meeting which he had called to distribute schemes, and not to join and support him, said the public supporters. They out rightly expressed that till date they have not made a decision to support other parties and are still very much part of the UDP under the leadership of Ollan Sing Suiñ.

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