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We have to declare a holiday when the river swells up due to the absence of a cemented bridge, say the teachers


Education is an important aspect for humans especially in this modern age when everyone is running after it because without knowledge and education, it is difficult for man to keep his days going,and when several hurdles are ahead, it is difficult for students to move forward towards a bright a future.

These words have been expressed by the teachers of the St.Savio Secondary School Riangdim in Riangdim village in West Khasi Hills District and under Mawchynrut constituency.

The village is about 12 kms in distance from Chahlang and in the village there is only one school which serves the public in providing education from Nursery to Class X even though it is a school in the rural area.

It is said that the students of the school face many problems especially in getting to the school due to the absence of a pucca cemented bridge as the school has on each side two rivers but to get across the rivers, there are only 2 suspension bridges built by the missionaries since 15-20 years ago.

Now the suspension bridges are starting to rust and fall apart posing much danger to the students who have to pass through the old bridges, and it is said that during rainy seasons when the water of the river swells up, the school has no option but the declare a holiday and close the school on such days even on days when examinations are scheduled.

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