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We need to oppose GST on essential items,says TMC MLA from Umroi


Shillong: The TMC MLA from Umroi constituency who is also the Chief Whip of the Opposition has raised a question before the Government if it expects the people to only eat leaves or air. This question which George Lyngdoh has put forward before the Government is on the basis that recently the Central Government took the step to charge GST on essential items such as rice, curd and milk.

Such kind of taxation has never occured before and by no other Government before which had been in rule in the country has there ever been a step taken to tax essential food items.

Upon seeing the action of the Central Government, George Lyngdoh feels the need to urge the citizens of the country to wake up, to be vigilant against such mechanisms of the Government which squeezes the poor common man.

In connection with this, Lyngdoh claimed that the party strongly opposes this action of the Government and will also file a complaint against this action. Also even though the Government continues to give free rice of about 5-10 kgs to the people, yet has it ever considered if the amount of rice given will be enough to feed a family, and do the people still not need to buy more from the shops or market. Such a decision of the Government will never be accepted by the public.


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