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“Rymbui stepdown”, demand the SSA teachers ; Rymbui must apologise: MSSASA


SHILLONG, July 20: After the stern warning given by the Education Minister, Lahkmen Rymbui to the Samagra Shiksha Abhiyaan (SSA) teachers who are in the midst of an agitation up to this night, the SSA teachers who are protesting by staying the night over at the parking lot of the Additional Secretariat demanded that Rymbui must promptly apologise tomorrow otherwise all the teachers will collectively bring down the collapse of Elementary Education in the State by tendering a mass resignation.

At this meeting of the teachers consisting of hundreds, they demanded the stepping down of Rymbui by shouting the slogan, “Rymbui stepdown”. The President of the Meghalaya SSA School Association (MSSASA), Aristotle Rymbai said that Rymbui must promptly apologise otherwise all the 12541 SSA teachers in the State will all collectively tender their resignation.

The President of the MSSASA said if the Minister threatens to stop the scheme to the Managing Committees of the SSA schools due to their demonstration and to cut their pay of the teachers under now work, no pay, he must firstly clear the pending 5 months salaries of the SSA teachers in the State.

Furthermore, Rymbai said if Rymbui is concerned about the teachers not getting their salaries, why does he not talk to the Chief Minister for he is still holding on to the Rs.44 crores received from the Budget of 2021-2022, because the Chief Minister is also the one holding the Finance portfolio in the State.

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