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Adelbert confirms exit from the KHNAM, no clear indication on which party to contest from


SHILLONG, July 18: The MLA of the KHNAM from North Shillong,Adelbert Nongrum has announced his exit from the Khun Hynniewtrep National Awakening Movement (KHNAM) party from which he won as MDC, and MLA in 2018.

Speaking with media persons he said he had been with the KHNAM from the beginning and even amidst many problems, he had stayed on not only to remain patient, but at this point of time he will no longer contest the MLA election of 2023 from the KHNAM.

On being queried about which party he intends to newly join, the MLA said he is ready to join any party which is in line with his principles, he said a party is just a uniform but in the upcoming election there are two parts, principles and money.

On being queried about talks to contest from the Congress party, especially since the Congress party has not yet announced a candidate from North Shillong,Adelbert Nongrum said people can speak about many things, but he said even if it’s also the BJP, if the principles of the party are clear he is ready to join the party, and although at present he does not want to say but in a short period of time the people will know.

It may be pointed that the KHNAM has been shambles after only one MLA won in 2018 due to the misunderstandings amongst the leaders which led to a clash in the announcement of candidates in the MDC election and the MLA bye-election as a result of which a petition was also filed in the court.

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