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Behdeinkhlam of SRJ concludes with much elegance,thousands attend the Festival


Jowai : The annual Behdeinkhlam Festival of the Sein Raij Jowai an important religious festival of the Pnar people still practising the indigenous religion was this year also held with much vibrance and elegance in Jowai which began on the 11th of this month and ended today the 14th of July, 2022 amidst much festivity and cheer in which thousand of people participated.

Today the Behdeinkhlam Festival was attended by thousands from across the land of the Hynñiewtrep community and also by tourists. The practising followers of the Niamtre religion along with their indigenous musical instruments cheered happily while bringing their “Rot” to Aitnar- the sacred pool, to show the people before they were submerged in the pool.

The Behdeinkhlam Festival today began with the religious ceremony of “Kyntin Khnong” at the house of the Langdoh followed by the “Bam Tyngkong” which was completed by the religious elders including the Dolloi as the religious chief along his team which includes the Pator, the Sangot and the Maji.

After this, the Wasans entered each household to complete the religious ceremony of “Shoh Thyndai” by hitting on the roofs of the households with the “Deinkhlam” to chase away demons, illnesses and all evil from the house. The Wasans offered prayers so that the “Tre Ki-rot” will bless the home in all aspects from work and prosperity to health.

The most important part of the religious ceremony began in the afternoon at Aitnar-the sacred pool. At this spot, the Behdeinkhlam began with the Wasans arriving under the lead of the Pator to offer prayers and thanks to the Syiem of Aitnar followed by the arrival of the “Symbud Khnong Blai”. After the arrival of the “Symbud Khnong Blai”, the believers of the Niamtre faith went down to the sacred muddy pool to dance.

The different localities including Panaliar, Dulong, Chilliangraij, Loomiongkjam, Loomkyrwiang, Iongpiah besides Sein Raij Shilling, Sein Ummulong and Sein Tylli Niamtre Ladthadlaboh brought their “rot” in several designs and images inscribed with messages for the people. This year there were 11 “rot” which were brought along with meaningful inscriptions which provide advice and messages to the people this year at Aitnar, after all the rots arrived, the submersion of the “Khnong Blai” and the rots began.

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