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Too many pressure groups, Wellbirth Rani iron mark those that appear in the garb of pressure groups


SHILLONG, July 12: The recently retired President of the Federation of Khasi Jaiñtia and Garo People’s ( FKJGP), Wellbirth Rani said that he feels sad thinking about the office bearers of pressure groups because there are many pressure groups in the Khasi Jaiñtia Hills but if there are too many pressure groups which do not truly understand the huge responsibility they carry and also lacking the knowledge on the source and origin of the pressure groups, they are then like rain that destroys all the crops.

He said instead of the community moving forward, the large number of pressure groups clash with each other and reach no where. He further questioned the pressure groups which claim to take upon themselves the responsibility of the “jaitbynriew”, on whether they can say that they have truly done the task they have claimed to have taken up or not, and whether or not they truly did emerge to stand for the cause of the community or “jaitbynriew”, or is it only to get PWD contracts, employment in the PHE which has led them to appear in the garb of pressure groups.

Rani who has been a part of pressure groups for 26 years said that he does not intend to condemn or belittle other groups, but he wants to iron mark those that appear in the garb of pressure groups, for if truly they were formed to shoulder the responsibility of the community then the responsibility would have been lighter because it would have been shared.

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