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Child dies on the spot, 2 injured after being electrocuted in Umïam, Ri-Bhoi District


Nongpoh, July 12: In one sad incident, one girl lost her life while 2 others were left severely injured after they happened to pass through an area where an electrical wire of 11 KV fell. This incident occured in one forest close to the MIDC Umïam Block 6, Ri-Bhoi District.

The girl who died on the spot in the incident is identified as Mikkinchi Momin, 13 years of age, and the two others who are injured are identified as Nikgrichi I.Sangma, 13 years and Chuchang I.Sangma, 8 years. These 3 girls stay in the MIDC Umïam Block 6.

As per the information received, it is said that these girls came out of their work residence from Vikas Sawmill to go and collect jackfruit from one forest close to the factory when suddenly they stepped on the electrical wire of 11 KV which is suspected to have fallen unnoticed.

The KSU Umïam Unit through Markus Nongkhlaw, General Secretary strongly condemned the MECEL for neglecting their duty in attending to the fallen electrical wire of 11 KV for many months until this sad incident occured and the union has demanded the department to take the responsibility of the incident and also to do the needful for the household which has lost their child due to this unfortunate incident.

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