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Should not agitate only infront of Secretariat, in the next year chase out rich vote buyers: Sanbor


SHILLONG, July 12: Sanbor Shullai said as expressed by many pressure groups, the word “jaitbynriew” should not be used wrongly, wherever it may be, the word “jaitbynriew” should not be misused, especially by the rich who come to buy the votes of the people.

Sanbor Shullai said that this in the gathering of the Federation of Khasi Jaiñtia and Garo People’s (FKJGP), which was held today the 12th of July at the Soso Tham Auditorium.

He said the public should no longer elect the rich as their representatives, but they should elect only those who can work and truly love the “jaitbynriew”, not the rich who misuse the election platform because during the election all parties love the “jaitbynriew”, but once they win they sell out the “jaitbynriew”. He said that if this continues, the final match will be with the CRP.

Shullai, a former leader of the FKJGP said that it is up to the youths to sound loud the message of chasing away the rich, the wealthy from Jaiñtia Hills who buy votes in Bhoi and win, and said that the public should no longer protest only in front of the Secretariat,but in the coming year, the rich should not even be allowed to hold meetings, they should be chased out.

He said that even though he has become a leader in politics, yet his heart never forgets the “jaitbynriew”, and added that he is lucky that God had chosen for him to be born in Laban, and if Bah Sanbor was not there, Laban which is a general seat where non-tribals can also contest, yet even without the strength of money power he was able to defeat the enemy of the “jaitbynriew”.

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