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We wanted to help in Nongstoiñ but we were not allowed, says Kyrmen Shylla


In the public meeting held ON THE 30TH OF JUNE at the Bishop Hall, New Nongstoiñ of the United Democratic Party which is also the day of confirming the new office bearers of the UDP Youth Wing, West Khasi Hills District, Kyrmen Shylla, Minister in the Government of Meghalaya in his speech said that when he looks at Nongstoiñ, he is filled with much pity and wants very much to extend help but he was not allowed to do so by the Chief Minister of Meghalaya.

On this day of confirming the office bearers of the UDP Youth Wing, the Minister who is also the President of the UDP Youth Wing, Central body did not speak much except for a few words of encouragement and best wishes because others who spoke before him had already spoken all that was needed to be spoken but the Minister did say that the party grants tickets only to those with a capacity and surety to win in the election.


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