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The rule of the NPP is not good at all, flaws everywhere : HDR Lyngdoh


Shillong,June 30: HDR Lyngdoh who is a former MLA and Minister in the State said that the situation when turning to the governance and rule under this present Government is not good at all, and all are aware and can see what kind of governance has gone on in the 4 and a half years, and everywhere they turn they find only flaws.

He said that besides the situation being utterly bad, the kind of governance that the party which heads the Government is clearly seen in the actions which are anti-people and it is only the leaders who are enthusiastic and supportive but not the public.

He said that the people can see far ahead and all know the manner in which the party which leads the party functions.

On being queried about what he has to say about the UDP which is a coalition partner in the present Government, he said yes the UDP is a partner in the Government however it is still a party that is being led and when there is any problem and lapses, as a party which leads the Government it must take the responsibility.

When asked about the difference in the governance of the present MDA Government led by the NPP and previous Governments of which he as an experienced politician has been part of in the past, HDR Lyngdoh said that if he says that the Government led by the Congress was better then it will only be him praising himself, therefore he leaves it to the people to be the judge and compare the governance of this Government and previous Governments.

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