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Dy.CM meets FASTOM,the MCs of schools as appointing authorities must take the responsibility for the teacher


If agitations continue, let the public be the judge because it might be for a different agenda: Dy.CM

SHILLONG,July 01: The Deputy Chief Minister of Meghalaya, Prestone Tynsong informed that he had clearly spoken to the leaders of the Federation of All School Teachers of Meghalaya (FASTOM) that the Government will definitely increase the funds to the aided school and this decision will be taken in the next Cabinet meeting which will be held soon.

Tynsong said that if the teachers continue with their agitations, let the public of the State now be the judge for then it will no longer be an agenda to increase their salaries but it will mean that there are other unknown agendas.

He said that as per his understanding, the FASTOM leaders should have given a clarification to all the teachers to stop all agitations and wait till the Government makes a decision, and the Government will make a decision for the welfare of the teachers and the aided schools.

After the agitation wherein the adhoc school teachers stayed overnight on the streets, the Deputy Chief Minister of Meghalaya, Prestone Tynsong called the leaders of FASTOM for a meeting to explain to them the process of the matter relating to the increase of funds to the aided schools.

The Deputy Chief Minister has appealed to the teachers to stop their agitation and go back home, and if the Government decides otherwise they may continue with their agitations again.

He said that the Government when it takes any action must ensure that the action is perfect,right from the accounts, and added that if it was a small amount in a year, it would have been easy but the action will amount to an additional Rs.200 crores of expenditure. He said that the attention cannot be given only to aided schools because there are many schools also for which they have to think from all aspects.

The Deputy Chief Minister said that the aided schools are runned and owned by groups such as the Church or their allied congregations, the village or locality and others, and they know that the administration of the schools rest only in the hands of the Managing Committees, because even the teachers are not appointed by the Government but are appointed by the Managing Committees and the MCs must take the responsibility on how to provide for the teachers because the Government only sends the lumpsum aided fund every month to the schools.

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