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11 apprehended by the police over assault on non-locals in Jaiaw and Mawlai


SHILLONG, June 30: The Director General of Police (DGP) of Meghalaya, Dr.Lajja Ram Bishnoi informed that the police have apprehended 11 people for interrogation over the complaint recieved in connection to assaults of non-locals in Jaiaw and Mawlai in the past few days.

He informed that the 11 apprehended by the police for 5 days interrogation and 5 two-wheelers and 11 mobiles have also been seized.

The DGP has urged the youths to respect all communities in Shillong, and should not take the law into their hands while also stating that if the youths have any problems they should come forward and communicate with the police so that they can help.

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