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No food without farmers, says Syiem of Nongstoiñ


The training programme for farmers of the area which was held at Nongstoiñ College for 3 days came to an end today with Pa’iem Phylla Singh Syiem, Syiem of Hima Nongstoiñ doing the honours of closing the training programme as Chief Guest in the presence also of Dr. R.K Tombisana Devi, Professor, College of Post-Graduate Studies in Agricultural Science, Umïam, Dr.I Mawthoh, Principal, Nongstoiñ College and other elders of the area.

As a reminder, the training programme was organised by the College of Agriculture, CAU(I), Kyrdemkulai, Meghalaya and Nongstoiñ College in collaboration with NECTAR Shillong, IRRI Phillipines, NABARD Shillong, ICAR IIVR Varanasi, ICAR CICR Nagpur and IUOA Shillong Meghalaya which is a programme especially for the farmers held at Nongstoiñ College which is also known as, the Farmer Innovation Expo-2022, Integrated Agriculture for Rural Bio-Enterpreneurship and Livelihood Security”, and on the first day of the programme, scientists including Prof. Dinabandhu Sahoo, Director, Centre for Himalayan Studies, University of Delhi, New Delhi,Dr. M.S Behera, Principal Scientist, ICAR-Central Research Institute on Jute and Allied Fibres, Barrackpore, West Bengal, Dr.U.K Behera, Dean,CoA Kyrdemkulai CAU Meghalaya and Chairman FIE 2022 were also present.

In the 3 days, farmers of the area gained much knowledge for this is the first time that scientists from New Delhi came to Nongstoiñ, and the benefit was also for the farmers from areas in Mawthadraishan, Nongstoiñ and Mawchynrut who participated at the training programme held from the 13th of this month

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