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Companies to sign undertaking to handover the abattoir in Three months time, Sanbor orders to hold back payment until completion


SHILLONG, June 14: The Minister incharge of the Department of Veterinary &Animal Husbandry , Sanbor Shullai has given 3 months time to the companies tasked with the construction of the the abattoir in West Jaiñtia Hills District to be handed over to the Government and he has also issued an order to immediately stop the release of funds to the contactors until the time they complete the work.

The Minister conducted an on-site inspection of the abattoir today and found that it was still in disarray for 10 years now since the tender was called in 2012, in Demthring village, West Jaiñtia Hills. In this inspection, the Minister found that the construction process was extremely slow and while expressing anger directed the contractors tasked with the construction work including Rishan Rapsang a d Abattoir Private Limited, a company from Chennai to complete the construction within 3 months.

Speaking after the inspection, Shullai said that he will summon the 2 companies engaged in the construction work to sign an undertaking to complete the work in 3 months, that is for Abattoir Private Limited to complete the installation of machines within a month, while the company of Rapsang to sign an undertaking to complete the civil work withing 2 months, which means that they are to handover the building in the last week of September.

On being queried, he informed that the abattoir was estimated to completed at a cost of Rs. 7.6 crores and funds of Rs.5 crores has been released so far while only 60% of the work has been completed, and he has ordered that not even a Paisa should be released until the work is completed.

The leaders of the JSU has informed that the construction work has been stopped from 2017, and he expressed surprise over the work being ceased and expressed that the organisation will follow up in this matter so that it can be completed within 3 months as has been promised before the Minister.

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