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A 5th position holder in the SSLC result aspires to become priest


Along with family members, parents of Freddy Lyngkhoi from Siejlieh Nongstoiñ, West Khasi Hills District on Sunday held a special feast at their residence due to the honour that was brought by him to the the family, the clan and kin, and the locality after this boy who studies in Sacred Heart Boys Mawlai, Shillong secured the 5th position in the SSLC Examination Results in the Top 20 Merit List from the whole State.

Freddy Lyngkhoi, the son of Felicita Lyngkhoi and Selestin Nongsiang, said that his father is only a herdsman and his mother labours in another village further away from Nongstoiñ town, and the parents have put their trust in his maternal aunt and her husband to watch over him since he was just about 5 years old, but what is pleasant to hear is that this boy has been an obedient boy to his relatives and he strived towards completing his duty with regard to his studies and he has reached the goal.

On this day while t7 spoke with his parents, they said that even though they have not been staying together since he was a child but this success of his has come as a pleasant surprise and they never expected it even though he is a good and straightforward boy.

Apolin Ïawphñiaw, the boy’s uncle by marriage and Lucina Lyngkhoi, his maternal aunt have stated that they are extremely happy at what their ward has achieved and he has made them very proud of him and their hearts are filled with pride too when success is achieved and it is also a matter of pride for his family.

As a way of encouraging the youths of the village, Seng Samla Shnong Siejlieh also took part in this day of celebration for the family and congratulated him while at the same time also giving him a cash gift as a sign of encouragement, in which one of the youths in the village also stated the village of Siejlieh is criticise for being well known in unlawful activities year after year, youths of the village have brought much honour such as Elfie Wanñiang who secured the 8th position in Class XII Commerce Examination Results amongst others and this is a sign of a better hope and future for the youths, he said.


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