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Rusted iron rods seen in unstable District Library building in Jowai, new one to be built: Sanbor


Shillong, June 14: Sanbor Shullai who is a Minister in the State Government incharge of the Department of Arts and Culture has expressed that there is no point in still repairing the District Library Auditorium and Museum in West Jaiñtia Hills District, but he said that it is necessary to build a new one instead as the building is posing a threat to the people due to its dilapidated and weakened state of the building.

Shullai expressed that after conducting an on-site inspection of the District Library in Mynthonh, Jowai following the complaints from the Jaiñtia Students’ Union (JSU) along with the Waheh Shnong.

In this inspection conducted by Shullai the District Library Auditorium was found to be in dilapidated condition with the pillars and beams showing cracks and even rusted iron rods are starting to show outwardly and this building is no longer safe for use.

Shullai said that the condition of the front portion of the building is a cover up of the corruption with sand being found. He said that the moment news was received that an inspection of the building will be conducted, repair work was seen to have been carried out, while adding that he is not happy about such an action.

Shullai said that he will appeal to the team of the BJP from Delhi to visit the state in which the Dorbar Shnong will be present along with the JSU, higher officials of the Arts and y Department to inspect the Auditory and to prepare a Detailed Project Report(DPR) for the construction of a new one

Shullai said that in order to be free from any corrupt or shoddy construction, it is necessary also to constitute a Monitoring Committee which will include the Dorbar Shnong and an expert organisation to oversee the work, once the DPR is approved to ensure that the construction of the Auditorium or any other project is carried out in a smooth and clear manner

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