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As promised, MDC provides easy access banking facilities for the residents of Nongkohlew area


SHILLONG, June 11: In order to make it easy for the residents of the areas that are further away in Mawlai constituency, Teiborlang Pathaw who is also the MDC of the constituency brought a Business Correspondent to help the people in connection with the processes of a bank account.

The Business Correspondent was brought in collaboration with the Meghalaya Rural Bank which has signed a Memorandum with Hazarika Agency for the operation of this task which includes the opening of a new savings account in MRB, crediting and debiting money as well.

Speaking at the gathering in which the Headman of Nongkohlew and other localities, Pathaw said that it has been a desire for him to actualise this in order to help the local residents because he had seen the problems faced by the people whenever they needed to complete banking work, and this affected their income for they would have to travel far and pay huge fares.

He said that he had spoken to open a branch in the area, but the administrators of MRB have expressed the challenges in doing so and suggested that a Business Correspondent could be of help as people can perform banking tasks with the certified person of the bank once a week in Nongkohlew.

On this day was also present Dipak Singha Roy who is the Chief Manager of Meghalaya Rural Bank who explained in detail about the help that a Business Correspondent can extend wherein the residents besides opening a bank account, can also take out and deposit upto Rs.20,000 which will operated through machines of this age, and furthermore they can also send money to other places, but the residents will have to have an ATM card.

On this day clarification was also given in connection with the work process of a Business Correspondent from the Branch Manager of MRB, Mawlai Mawdatbaki branch, Ksankupar Sawkmie and also from the senior official of Hazarika Agency, Aaron Kharhujon who is the Zonal Head among others.

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