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Preservation of water animals is also important besides tree plantation


Mawkyrwat, June 09: Fishes were released by the Mawkyrwat Fishing Association (MFA) and the Dorbar Shnong Mawkyrwat along with the Office of the Fisheries, South West Khasi Hills District at Phot Umnew, Mawkyrwat.

The releasing of the fishes is in part to participate in the World Environment Day commemoration and to drive home the point that preservation of mother nature is not only through the planting of tree saplings all around but it is most important to also preserve the water animals in the water bodies.

On this day, speeches were delivered by O.L.Passah, Superintendent of Fisheries and from office bearers of the Mawkyrwat Fishing Association and others in the presence of the Rangbah Shnong of Mawkyrwat and the President of the MFA, S.Nongrum, the President of Seng Samla Shnong Mawkyrwat, Kitborlang Lyngdoh Marshilong among other members.

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