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James P.K Sangma takes the responsibility to preserve 6000 years old paddy


Shillong : James P.K.Sangma who is also a Minister in the State Government has taken the responsibility to come forward with ways and means to preserve a paddy found in Garo Hills which is not less than 6000 years old.

With regards to this, Sangma conducted a research on this paddy which grows well in parts of Sadolpara village in West Garo Hills in order to preserve and save this paddy for which the help of the NESFAS and the ELP Foundation was also taken so that more of it can be produced and distributed to other farmers for the re-cultivation of this kind of paddy which is widely known and is the oldest in the Garo Hills region.

In connection with this, Sangma came forward to urge and invite the farmers to take the responsibility in starting to cultivate this paddy by also expressing with examples that the rice which people in the State use comes mostly from Andhra Pradesh which greatly affects the treasury of the Government, and if this kind of paddy is planted uniformly perhaps it will be great profit for the State as a whole, apart from it being a kind of paddy which can lead to the rise of the income or economy of the farmers in this region.

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