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Hundreds of P.T.Sawkmie’s supporters join the UDP


Shillong, June 07: Hundreds of P.T.Sawkmie’s supporter today joined the United Democratic Party (UDP), Mawlai Circle. At their joining ceremony new office bearers of the UDP,Mawlai Circle were also chosen in which the post of President was retained by Homer Kharkongor with 3 Working Presidents including Alex Lynser, Raymond Khyriem and Batskhem Makdoh,5 Vice Presidents including O.D.Syiemlieh, John Kharmawphlang,Justin Passi, Iabeit Khongwar and Kit Sun.

The post of General Secretary was also retained by Teibok Kharkongor, while Balakmen Dkhar was chosen as Assistant Secretary with 3 Joint Secretaries, Rapbor Mawlong, T.Sawian and Damarson War. The post of Treasurer was entrusted to Lamphrang Mylliem Umlong, Chief Organiser, Franky Massar, Organising Secretary, Asterious Lyngdoh,Public Secretary, Roveno L.Mawnai, Assistant Secretary, Raymond, Advisers and Executive Members.

Speaking at the occasion, Homer Kharkongor welcomed all the new members of the UDP, Mawlai Circle and he also confirmed them as full-fledged members of the party.

” The UDP is hopeful of holding the reigns of control in 2023 to be in the ruling side and this is something which have envisioned for the party”, said Kharkongor and added, ” For the first time, the UDP,Mawlai Circle has been successful in organising such a gathering to strengthen the party for the 2023 election,” and added also, ” We have never had an MLA like P.T.Sawkmie who truly works body and soul for Mawlai. Who is always there with the public, who will always meet you when you go seek him.”

He urged the public to support P.T.Sawkmie because he is a person who works for the people and they should not reject this diamond.

“Let us not throw a diamond before the pigs”, said Kharkongor.

On this day speeches were also delivered by Teibok Kharkongor, Franky Massar and Lamphang Mylliem Umlong and others. On this day with one mind they all decided to lead P.T.Sawkmie who will be joining this regional party soon towards a landslide victory.

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