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I don’t say work hard but work honestly, says a student working as a manual labourer


In this day and age which we call an Age of Fashion, it is truly rare to find youths who work for their livelihood especially as a manual labourer which we look at as a lowly job, but yet how wonderful it is to find a young man who says, “I never urge my friends to say work hard,work hard, but I always tell them to work honestly, for when we say work hard we would have made a mistake, for a thief also works hard”, these are the words of the young man who is named Kitbor Nongdom, 20 years of age and who supports his education by working as a manual labourer morning and night.

The young man is the son of Batalin Nongdom and they stay in Pyndenglwar, Nongstoiñ, West Khasi Hills District. Kitbor Nongdom is a student of Class XII in KJP Synod College, Nongstoiñ and he is the eldest of 8 siblings.

At about 6:00 AM in the morning, he would reach Nongstoiñ to earn his wages as a manual labourer and continue to do so till about 9:00 AM after which he goes and attends classes during the day and when his classes are over, he comes back to continue with his manual labour

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