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Let President’s Rule come, strangely no one speaks up in MDA meetings: Prestone


SHILLONG, May 30: Political squabbles, as the months are nearing towards the Assembly Election of 2023, are slowly coming up even between the coalition partners in the Meghalaya Democratic Alliance (MDA) Government, when on Saturday, leaders of the UDP publicly stated that if the UDP withdraws support from the Government then President’s Rule will be imposed because the Government will no longer stand.

Speaking with the National Vice-President of the NPP who is also the Deputy Chief Minister in the MDA Government, Prestone Tynsong said that he is not worried if President’s Rule or any other rule is imposed, and added that if they feel that the Government has failed so much under the leadership of the NPP, then it is best that President’s Rule is imposed without any further delay of even a day also.

He said that during elections, mudslinging is always there, but the NPP has not tarnished anyone, but will show to the people it’s own objectives. He said what is the need to wait for so long till it’s all bad, let President’s Rule be imposed and let elections be held immediately, and let the people decide again.

The leader of the NPP further said that he is amused to see such a statement made, and who knows if they spoke with all truth or if they spoke as if in drama, he cannot understand.

Prestone Tynsong said that it is strange that in the Co-ordination Committee, no one says anything, what is even stranger is that in the meetings of the MDA also no one says anything. In fact, they should have expressed such matters for discussions and consultations, but no such thing happened because even with regards to the matter of the border also when it is spoken about or explained, they say it’s fine, but now outside they proclaimed that there is this and that which is beyond comprehensible.

The Deputy Chief Minister also further stated that he has worked in coalition governments from 2003 to 2018, and what he has observed is that since elections are nearing, the ones in the Government tend to paint the party with most members as the party responsible for all the problems, and this is only a means of tricking and fooling the electorate, if the matter is truly of the greatest concern then there is no need to wait, and added that the NPP even if it is a fault of anyone else also,will still bear the brunt and responsibility for the faults.

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