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Lockdown is the reason for bad Class XII results of students in WKHD this year


The different schools from West Khasi Hills District area this year could not reach the goal of successfully topping in the exam as had been the case in previous years, for this time when perusing the results of Class XII Science and Commerce, it can be seen that the results are very low in comparison to previous years.

As a reminder, the area has only St.Peter’s Pyndengrei, Nongstoiñ College and Anderson as prominent institutions and these institutions have always presented good results in the Class XII examinations but this year they have all gone down.

With regards to this matter when t7 met with Speltidoros Sangleiñ, Vice Principal, Anderson Higher Secondary School and in her opinion, she said that the reason for this year’s bad results could be because of the lockdown because we could also not help out our students in a detailed manner as we used to do before.

Still then also, Anderson sent in 12 students to the Class XII Commerce examination and all passed the examination with 9 of them passing in the 1st Division, 3 of them in the 2nd Division and from amongst them, 7 got distinction in papers, however, upon turning to the Science stream, from amongst the 27 students, 16 passed the examination in the 1st Division, 7 in the 2nd Division and 4 failed. From amongst the ones who passed, 10 students got distinction in different subjects and from the 10 who got distinction in different subjects, M.Abamelari Nongsiej got distinction in all subjects.

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