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NPP missing from meeting of political parties called by the KJCLF.


Church leaders concerned about the political scene in the State, wants freedom from the cancer of corruption

SHILLONG, May 26: The Khasi Jaiñtia Christian Leaders Forum (KJCLF) called for a special meeting of all political parties in the State, and in this meeting leaders of many political parties were present except for the NPP.

Speaking after the meeting concluded, the President of KJCLF, Bishop Purely Lyngdoh said that the special meeting was called to put forward the concern of the public for the State in front of the leaders of political parties.

He said that the Forum has expressed that as representatives they must judiciously utilise what God has granted unto them, because the future of the State is in their hands. He also said that the Forum has urged and put forward before the leaders to free themselves from the cancer of corruption which has destroyed society.

The Bishop said that the election of leaders depends also on the people in which way to help them to reach a goal, because many a times as people they are only busy pointing fingers at leaders.

The meeting called by the Forum was attended by the leader of the Opposition, Dr.Mukul Sangma, Charles Pyngrope, who are MLAs of the AITC, A.L.Hek of the BJP, Adelbert Nongrum of the KHNAM, K.P.Pangngiang of the HSPDP, Jemino Mawthoh of the UDP and Auspicious Lyngdoh of the PDF.

Dr Mukul Sangma, former Chief Minister of Meghalaya said that the initiative taken by the Forum is an important step at this time, and such consultations will help and ensure a future which the citizens are proud of, because as leaders of political parties who have taken up the responsibility of the expectations of the people, it is important to understand that there are also several challenges ahead of building the State in governance.

He said that the political leaders need to be watched, allowed for their intention to be scrutinised, in order for their work process to be in consonant with the expectations of the people.

On the want and desire of the Church leaders to be free from corruption, Dr.Mukul said why is it important for the Government to be free from corruption, so as to ensure that developmental works and growth and development to take place in all aspects, to bring about a secure future for future generations, and added that this is necessary, and said that the future generations should not be affected due to corruption.

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