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More than Rs 1 crore of benefits received by farmers under the Laskein Block through FOCUS


Jowai: The Farmer Collectivisation for Upscaling Production and Marketing System,(FOCUS) through the Meghalaya Basin Management Agency (MBMA), organised an Interaction Programme with the Producer Group under Laskein C&RD Block of Mookaïaw constituency, West Jaiñtia Hills District. The programme was held today the 23rd of May, 2022 at Pamsna Ground Laskeiñ, in which the MLA of 4- Mookaïaw constituency, Nujorki Sungoh was the Chief Guest in the presence also of the BDO of Laskeiñ Block, Dr.B.S.Langstang and others.

In this programme, FOCUS distributed Rs. 1 crore 19 lakhs and 45 thousand to 193 different Producer Groups (PG) in the area. The amount was distributed amongst the farmers with Rs. 5000 given to each individual member of the Producer Group which consist of turmeric producers, ginger producers, piggery owner and other forms of cultivation.

Nujorki Sungoh in his speech said that the Government in providing such assistance has also the intention to uplift the households of farmers and it is not easy for the Government to extend such assistance because a long process is to be followed in order for such assistance to be generated and distributed, and the Government when providing such assistance also has a hope of seeing that farming and animal rearing is developed. Therefore he strongly urged all those receiving such benefits to utilise the funds judiciously for their own benefit by taking on more tasks and promoting their products and not to waste or spend the funds unwisely.

He said that turning to agriculture, not only in this State but in the whole country of India especially in the rural areas, 70% of the population still earn their livelihood from agriculture and in the GDP of the country, agriculture contributes upto 20% to the GDP of the country. Therefore, agriculture is a very important part of society, and from his end, he urged upon all the farmers to further develop on what the Government has given them so that their agricultural work will be of benefit to them.

The programme held today was conducted by Muhorksiar Syngkon, Assistant Manager, ISC &ED, with speeches from the BDO of Laskeiñ, Dr.B.S.Langstang, the members of the producer group, Melinda Dhar from Lummoriap village, Nibhas Biam from Mooshrot village, Chanki Lyngdoh from CKDS, Dr.D.Tariang, R.Lamare (ADO), Sywell Lyngdoh DPM and others.

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