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Parking attendant alleged of charging high parking fees at the ISBT, Association clarifies


Following the emergence of the news that there had been some sort of advantage being taken by the gate keepers of the Inter State Bus Terminus in Mawïong, Phrangsngi Kharmawlong, parking attendant of the Mawïong Rim Taxi Drivers and Owners Association clarified that the allegation that he took advantage of his position by charging upto more than Rs. 200 from the people and the vehicles transporting goods has come from one group which illegally collects money from one place which does servicing of the tourist buses.

Speaking with Kharmawlong, he said that the ISBT has kept him to collect parking fees only from commercial vehicles which drop and pick up passengers, while another gate has been kept to collect parking fees only from buses and private vehicles and as a parking attendant, he is filled with much concern that there has been an allegation against him and the Association due to the advantage taken by other people which has led to the people losing their trust.

With regards to the allegation that there has been an advantage being taken in the charging of fares from the ISBT, Balakyrshanborlang Nongsiej, President of Mawïong Rim Taxi Drivers and Owners Association informed that as per the arrangements made with the Deputy Commissioner of East Khasi Hills District and with the knowledge of Ian Swer, SP Traffic, it was arranged that the fares from ISBT to Ïewduh, Police Bazar and Polo will be fixed at Rs.300 per vehicle, not Rs.300 per person and irrespective of the distance,the price will be as fixed.

Furthermore, the President informed that as per the discussion at the meeting with the DC, the commercial vehicles have been instructed to drop and pick up passengers from the ISBT without any limit and as an organisation of commercial vehicles drivers and owners, they understand the problems of the people and the people understand the problems of the commercial vehicles drivers who are present day and night to serve the people over and over and as an organisation, it will not allow anyone to take advantage from this ISBT and to collect fees without any receipts, even if they have paid the fees through Phrangsngi Kharmawlong who is the parking attendant appointed by the ISBT.

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