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Village has turned 60 but we still do not have a motorable road


Mawphansien is one of the villages in Rambrai region and is also one of the oldest villages in this region established firstly by the Nongsiej clan.

Currently, this village has about 50 households and a population of about more than 400 and is also one of the villages which fall under two Himas known as the Rambrai- Myrïaw Syiemship.

Time and days have passed and years have rolled on from one to the others, and slowly the village has now turned to about 60 years in existence since it was first established in the 1960s, but what is sad to hear is that the residents of the village up to to the present days have to walk to the market in Nongstoiñ town due to the absence of a proper motorable road.

Apart from that, reaching the village is very difficult task, especially in the rainy seasons when the Syllang river swells up.This river has across it banks only one small bridge for pedestrians to walk across but again the bridge is in a dilapidated condition and is lowered much due to constant usage,a bridge which poses much danger especially for children who have to pass through the dilapidated bridge. Still everyday,about 30 school students studying in Steplanglur have to continue using the bridge and it takes them about an hour of walking from the village to the school because the school where they study at is situated close to the highway of Nongstoiñ to Rambrai road,

With regards to this matter, t7 news met with Phangstar Nongsiej, Sordar of Mawphansien and also got a chance to speak with a few school students and mothers who also spoke about the situation in the rainy seasons by stating,” During the time when Syllang river swells up, which we have to pass through to go to the other side, many a times we have to stop them from attending school or if they manage to go to school also, as parents when we go and give them their lunch so they can eat on the other side of the river, we have throw their packed lunches from one end to the other, so that they can eat after they have returned from school and have waited for hours for the water level to recede.”

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