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Roads, agricultural fields destroyed due to heavy rainfall in Jaiñtia Hills


Jowai: The heavy rainfall in these past few days in many areas and roads of Jaiñtia Hills resulted in floods, landslides in the highway which disrupted and created problems in the commute of the people.

On the 12th of May, 2022, rivers overflowing their banks and landslides on the roads occured in parts of Narpuh area of East Jaiñtia Hills District, as well as in War- Jaiñtia area such as in Amsohkyrchong, Hingaria, Kwator, Demlakang, Natbor, Borkhat Kamsing, Kharkhana, Kamsing, Pasadwar, Lum Pyngngad and other areas. The heavy rainfall did not affect only the roads but also the crops, agricultural fields and gardens of the people and also other parts, said Deimonmi Bareh from Kharkhana War Jaiñtia.

The flood and overflowing of water also affected the roads in Rymbai, Bataw, Borghat,Jelalpur known as the RBBJ Road, which was blocked due to the landslide and the falling of boulders leading to the hump pipe of this road to break which disrupted the commute of the people in the area.

With regards to the disruption of the RBBJ Road, the Southern Border Youth Welfare Association (SBYWA), East Jaiñtia Hills District, through S.Shadap, President of SBYWA requested the PWD, East Jaiñtia Hills District to speed up the task of clearing the road and do the needful so that the public may be free from problems especially while traveling through this road, because as it is at present, this road is still blocked.

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