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Civil Hospital Nongpoh and Bethay Outreach Hospital Nongpoh celebrate Nurses’ Day


Nongpoh, May 12: Civil Hospital Nongpoh and Bethany Outreach Hospital Nongpoh on the 12th of May celebrated the special day of Nurses known ad the International Nurses Day at the Conference Hall, Civil Hospital Nongpoh and at Bethany Hospital Conference Hall.

On this special day of nurses, the day was enliven also with a welcome song from the students of the GNM School of Nursing, Nongpoh and dance performances from the staff nurses of Civil Hospital, Nongpoh, while the celebration at Bethany Hospital was made more entertaining with song and dance performances from the staff nurses of Bethany Outreach Hospital Nongpoh and on this day, prizes were also distributed to winners of the poster exhibition and flowering competition.

On this day at the celebration of Civil Hospital,Nongpoh was present, Dr.P.N.Chyne, Medical Superintendent Civil Hospital, Nongpoh in the accompaniment of L.Dohling, Vice Principal, GNM School of Nursing, E.J.Mukhim, Nursing Superintendent, Civil Hospital, Nongpoh, the students of GNM Student School of Nursing, Nongpoh and other staff of the Civil Hospital, Nongpoh. At the celebration of the Nurses Day of Bethany Outreach Hospital, Nongpoh were present Rebecca Kharsaithiang, Dr.P.K Swer, Dr.C.M Pohshna, Dr.D.Rani and other staff nurses of Bethany Outreach Hospital.

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