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With the contributions made by private individuals, MC of Umkynrut LP & UP School distributes free uniforms to students


The Managing Committee of Umkynrut LP & UP School, a school in Riat Laban Kynjat Phutbol, on the 11th of May got a chance to distribute free school uniforms to students of the school which falls in South Shillong constituency.

The free school uniforms was distributed to the students of the school after the members of the Managing Committee along with other teachers including the Headmaster and the Headmistress of the LP and UP schools,started looking for the means of some help, partly to stitch the uniforms of the students who study in the school since most of them come from really poor families with their parents being daily wage labourers.

This time around, the distribution of free uniforms to the students of this school was made possible through the generous contribution of Raymos Wahlang and also the office of Raid Laban Dorbar.

In the opening speech at the programme, the Headman of Riat Laban Kynjat Phutbol, Shaiphar Wahlang said that there is a further thought to utilise the excess amount remaining by preparing for the repair of toilets and other foremost necessary requirements of the school.

Speaking as Chief Guest at the programme, the Headman of the Dorbar Shnong of Laban, Edward Kharwanlang, expressed that the establishment of the school by the ancestors was through their hard work with a vision for the works they had done.

Furthermore, he said that this school is very important in such an area because it is like an academic unit which especially shapes the young children and also said that he owes a reverence also to the teachers who readily help in the imparting of knowledge to the students, even though he personally has not been able to make any contribution to the school, but when he was informed that the school has many requirements, from his end, he sought out ways for contributions to be made.

While seeking for contributions, he found and met Raymos Wahlang, and in the first meeting itself, he asked where the school is and invited him to especially take him to the place where the school is.

Kharwanlang, could not help but thank the members of the Managing Committee who were ready to think deeply on the matter of distributing free uniforms to the school students, especially since the family income of most of the students’ families in this are is very low.

With regard to the contribution from the Raid, Kharwanlang said that at present, there is a bit of a problem in the collection of the contributions in the treasury of the Raid, yet nonetheless, he promised that he and the Rangbah Shnong will take upon themselves the responsibility to seek assistance from the office of the Raid so that it can be given to the school.

Free uniforms were distributed to the students and present on this day were Albert Thabah, Headmaster L.P School, Wansuk Pyngrope, Headmistress U.P Scho, Andreas Marweiñ, Lambha Khongsit, R.B.L Kharbudon, H.Kharlukhi, Pynshngain Marbaniang, members of the Executive Committee of the Dorbar Shnong, female elder of the locality, Morinda Wahlang, June Hanifer Warbah and Santina Nongkynrih.

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