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Wailadmiki Shylla inaugurates Training for Business Start-Up programme


Jowai: The MLA of Jowai, Wailadmiki Shylla today inaugurated the programme for the youths known as Training For Business Start-Up to promote other means of livelihood avenues for the youths. The programme was held today at Thomas Jones KJP Synod College, Jowai. This training programme has been prepared by Wailadmiki Shylla with a vision on the need of such training programmes for the youths of today.

Shylla in his speech said that there is currently an excess of youths seeking jobs with there being thousands of applicants for a single post, this shows a rise in the lack of employment opportunities and the great challenge faced by the youths seeking jobs, while also stating that the Government too does not have any means anymore of providing jobs for all the youths , therefore as one of the representatives, he has taken this decision to provide such kinda of trainings for the youths so that they are made aware and benefit properly from the means to stand on their own feet or be self-reliant through self-employment.

Furthermore, he also said that this training programme shows that the youths truly yearn for such kinds of training because there were thousands of applicants, and he wants all the selected youths to come regularly to the 45 days training, and he does not want to see the decreasing numbers of selected candidates coming for the training with each passing day, because through this training programme, the youths will benefit greatly. He said that out of the 60 selected candidates, the best trainee will get a cash prize of Rs.2 lakhs along with certificates, and said that the cash prize to be given to the best trainee in the programme is to encourage the youths further so that they do not take the free training programme for granted.

The meeting today was conducted by Eladmiki Suting, the Programme Coordinator in the training, with a speech delivered by the Deputy Commissioner of West Jaiñtia Hills District, Garod LNS Dykes who praised Wailadmiki Shylla for starting the programme and who also encouraged and urged the youths to be patient when they begin with their own start-up.

Speeches were also delivered by Dr.D.G Lyngdoh, Principal, Thomas Jones Synod College, Jowai, Manager of DIC, Piar Toi and also the CEO. In this programme were also present the MDCs of JHADC, senior members of Jowai town along with the selected youths for the training and others.

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