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Teiborlang Pathaw helps in getting contributions from the Assam Rifles and KHADC for a school in Mawtawar


SHILLONG, May 03: The MDC of Mawlai constituency, Teiborlang Pathaw inaugurated the toilets of Mawtawar LP School constructed with the funds allocated from the KHADC through the Excluded Area scheme of the Central Government.

The construction of the toilets for the students was made possible by the MDC after having seen that the school was vastly lacking in infrastructure, and took upon himself the task of ensuring that a toilet is made available for the students.

On this day was also present the Lt. Colonel of the Assam Rifles, Khushvinder Singh, because the provision of necessary facilities for the students was made possible by the MDC through the contribution of the Assam Rifles in the form of CGI sheets for the roofing of the school at an expenditure of Rs.2 lakhs.

In his short speech Teiborlang Pathaw said that schools runned by the village administration face many challenges, and he has a mind to develop and provide for these kinds of schools of which the school in Mawtawar is one for in his inspection, he found this particular school to be lacking in so many necessary facilities such as a proper roof and clean toilets.

He said that if the people see fit to raise him to a higher position in 2023, the people will see the other works which he has planned in order to upgrade such schools which support students who come from poor households, and also so that education is promoted in area.

Lt.Colonel, Khushvinder Singh said that after meeting with the MDC, he visited the school and found it truly in a dilapidated condition with the roofs leaking, and after a meeting with the President of the Managing And the Head Teacher, they were instructed to write a letter and within a short period of time, the funds were granted to buy the CGI sheets for the roof.

He said that through this task which the Assam Rifles has done, he hope that the students are encouraged to put in more effort in their studies and also expressed a hope that they will set a goal to become soldiers to bring in honour and glory for their families and the country.

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