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If the Government does not listen to our demands, we will hold intense agitations


Mawkyrwat, April 29: In one voice, the group of different civil society organisations under the C& RD Block Mawsynram ( KSC & RDBM) on the 28th of April held a public meeting in Pongkung, East Khasi Hills District over the obstinacy of the Government on the demands of the people to upgrade the C&RD Block Mawsynram to Mawsynram Civil Sub-Division.

The Kynhun ki Sengbhalang or group of civil society organisations consisting of the HANM,KSU, FKJGP,HYC and HUAM, as a result of the disregard and step-motherly attitude of the Government towards the demands made by them, have as the collective of civil society organisations in collaboration with the public in the past few days held public meetings in Dangar, Hadmawdon, Lawbah and now in Pongkung, East Khasi Hills District to elaborate clearly to the people about the many important reasons which requires the upgrade of Mawsynram Civil Sub-Division which will be of benefit to the people with regards to developmental works in the area as a whole.

Speakers on this day consisted of James Kharbani, Headman of Sawsymper area, Bonsen Snaitang, President of KSU, Balat Border Area Circle, Gilbert Kharraswai, President of HUAM, Kyrmenskhem Shandiar, Working President of the FKJGP South Eastern Zone Mawsynram Block, and Kyllang S.Thongni, President of HANM, Central Body.

The meeting was conducted by Drimshon Mawlein, President of the KSU, Sawsymper Circle and the vote of thanks was delivered by Runningstar Kharbani, President of the FKJGP, Sawsymper Circle.

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