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Shad Sukra of Seiñraij Jowai comes to an end


Jowai: The Seiñ Raij Jowai yesterday brought to an end the annual Shad Sukra festival held before the people of the Raij will go down to the fields and sow the rice so that the produce will be plenty and bountiful.

The theme of this year’s Shad Sukra was ” Samoi wa kylla wa pynchoh iei por, Ieiwa da ioh u tip u niawkor” which was conducted by the Arts & Culture Committee of Seiñ Raij Jowai.

This year’s Shad Sukra had the Chief Justice of High Court of Meghalaya, Justice Sanjib Banerji attending the Shad Sukra festival of Seiñ Raij Jowai, which began on the 23rd of April, 2022 at the different localities where plays were enacted and on the 24th April, 2022 which was the final day of the festival and it is also on this day that right from matured men and women, the youths and children all came out in their finest traditional attires.

The Shad Sukra is also a time to feast wherein humans are fed through the rich resources of mother nature which provides for all the four seasons and through this Shad Sukra, it also brings love and unity amongst the fellow locality residents.

It is also a time to showcase talents in music, singing and dance with the Shad Sukra being a mirror to the rich and vibrant culture of the Pnar community.

On the final day, the Shad Sukra began at Mynkoi Loompydilïongpiah Ground at 10:00 AM with Kyrmen Shylla, Minister of the Social Welfare Department as the Chief Guest where H.Passah, Vice President A& G SRJ delivered the welcome address, prayers were offered by H.Challam, followed by a talk on Shad Sukra by the Doloi of Elaka Jowai, Puramon Kynjing and a speech from W.Kharbuki, Joint Secretary,Arts and Culture, Seiñ Raij Jowai.

In the afternoon, at Ïawmusiang, a speech was delivered by the the Chief Guest, the Chief Justice of Meghalaya High Court, Justice Sanjib Banerji who praised Seiñ Raij Jowai for retaining and respecting this important culture from times immemorial, followed by a speech from the President of SRJ, O.R Challam who especially thanked the Chief Guest and extended his best wishes to all the members of the Seiñ Raij and others as well so that may be blessed with good health and economic sustenance. The participants in the traditional song and dance include the WWO- SRJ, Shlem Ki Sur Tynre Shangpung, Lumiongkjam, Sein Tylli Lang, Seiñ Raij Shillong, Chiliangraij, Iongpiah, Tpep-Pale, Lumkyrwing, Umchangiar, Filing, Seiñ Raij Ummulong and others.

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