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Besides being the National No.1 in Table Tennis, player from the State competed as an individual player in the Senior National Championship


It is a delightful and proud moment to see a youth from the State as the Topmost All Round Table Tennis player.

The youth who has made the State proud is Aadarsh Om Chettri, an erstwhile resident of Lumsohkhlur, 3 Mile but his desire to be better in table tennis made him shift and stay with his parents now in Delhi from 2016.

Aadarsh began playing Table Tennis from 2019 at Tirot Sing Indoor Stadium in Lower Lachumiere and studied at All Saints School.

From playing in Tirot Sing Indoor Stadium, he went on to compete in various tournaments and in 2015 he was selected to try out at the Petroleum Sports Promotion Board which is an Academy in Ajmer, Rajasthan, and from this Academy, he got many certificates and he rose up further in table tennis.

In 2016, after he shifted to Delhi to stay with his parents, he entered the Delhi Table Tennis Team and from here, after seeing his talent in the game, he got a chance to compete in various major platforms in the country and could also defeat many experienced big name players.

With regards to the Table Tennis Championship held in Shillong, although he was not selected either into the Meghalaya Team or the Delhi Team, yet on at an individual capacity he came down to Shillong to compete in the Championship as an individual player but was defeated in the quarter final.

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