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To bring peace and security in the interstate border areas, the two Governments form Peace Committee


After the fight between people from the Khasi community and Gorkha Nepali community at Sabuda Block-2 of Raid Nongtung in Ri-Bhoi District and residents of Assam of West Karbi Anglong, which led to the two District Administrations, Hamren District West Karbi Angling, Assam and Ri-Bhoi District, Meghalaya to impose a curfew on the movement of the residents in these interstate border areas of both the States which has lasted now for more than two weeks and which has affected the residents of the area who need to go to the market and especially those in ill health.

Therefore, in order to maintain peace and security in this area, the local village administrators of Meghalaya and Assam held a meeting at Sabuda village to come to an understanding in how to bring back peace and security in the border area of Block-2, and the meeting was held on the 20th of April in the school building of Sabuda village.

After the meeting of the two parties, with one mind and agreement of the both sides, a new group was decided to be formed which is known as The Peace Committee and this committee will look into the peace and security in the area.

On this day, Joplin Sten, Headman of Mawlasnai was elected as Chairman of the Committee and Gyan Bahadur Chettri, Headman of Umru-2 Assam was elected as the General Secretary, and it also decided that members will consist of 5 from Assam and 5 from Meghalaya and the other members of the committee will be chosen later.

On the same day, the District Administration of Ri-Bhoi District and West Karbi Anglong decided to call off the curfew imposed on this area.

After the meeting, the two parties met with their respective Deputy Commissioners, Arpit Upadhyaya,DC of Ri-Bhoi District and Krisna Barua,DC of West Karbi Anglong, to inform them about their decision and resolution between the two parties, and the two Deputy Commissioners welcomed the resolution of the two parties arrived at to bring back peace and security in the area.

It was also decided that the Superintendents of Police of the two districts, Ri-Bhoi District and West Karbi Anglong District, will be appointed as Advisers of this committee so that the work of this committee will move hand in hand with law enforcement.

On this day were also present, Sadon Blah, Central Body President of the HNYF, Bipul Thangkhiew, Central Body President of RBYF and other members of the two organisations and members of the KSA from Assam.

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