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Nongpoh constituency MLA lays down foundation stone for the construction of school building in Sohkhwai


Yesterday the 21st of April is truly a memorable day and a day of great blessings for the residents of Sohkhwai village especially the youths and children who have a desire to pursue further studies, as the MLA of Nongpoh constituency, Mayral Born Syiem laid the foundation stone for the construction of an RCC building for the Sohkhwai Govt LP School in Sokhwai village.

This building will be funded through the Department of District School Education and Literacy at a cost of Rs.37 lakhs.

On this day were also present the MDC of Nongpoh constituency, Balajied Rani, R.Dkhar,SDSEO and other officers as well as local village administrators of Sohkhwai village.

Sohkhwai Govt LP School has upto 159 students, and faces many challenges due to the lack of proper infrastructure which in turn has also brought many problems for the students and teachers of the school especially during heavy rainfall due to the damaged roofs.

The day has truly been a great blessing for the Managing Of the school with the State Government noticing at this juncture the problems faced by the students of this area and has specially allocated this scheme through the Department of Education for the construction of an RCC school building.

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