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Garbage cleared from Ïawmusiang Jowai


Jowai: Jowai Municipal Board (JMB), cleared out all the garbage which had piled up on the road in Ïawmusiang Jowai which had been left uncleared now for about 3 weeks. The JMB loaded the garbage onto dumper trucks, however as it is at present, no site has been identified to empty the garbage that has been loaded in the dumper trucks which are parked near Thomas Jones,KJP College Jowai, and till the time of this report, the trucks have been stuck at the same place because as it is at present, no statement has been given on the dumping of these garbage or where they have found a site to dump the garbage from the loaded trucks.

At present, in Ïawmusiang all the places from where the garbage has been collected are near the office of the Deputy Commissioner, Thomas Jones Synod College while in Ïawthymme Ladthadlaboh, the clearing process has begun but the garbage of other parts of Jowai still remain uncleared

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