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Annual Sports of Mawduh LP and Mawduh UP School brought to an end


Mawduh Lower Primary and Mawduh Upper Primary School today brought to an end the Annual Sports of the school at the Closing Ceremony of the Annual School Sports 2022.

The annual school sports of the students had different houses from the two schools participating in different events which started from the 19th of April to the 22nd of April,2022.

The closing ceremony was attended by Gabriel Wahlang, MDC of Nongstoiñ constituency as the Chief Guest.

The students who won in the 100 metres race in the upper primary girls category were Risukmysiem Kharbani in the first place, Shidalin Ïawren in the second place, Rimistilda Ïawren in the third place, while in the upper primary boys category, Phingkarson Marshra won the first place, Kuparson Sohshang won the second place and Wansuk Sohphoh won the third place and in the lower primary girl’s category, Biling Sohshang came in first, Phibadondor Marshra came in second and Saphibansoi Syiemlieh came in third while in the lower primary boy’s category, Freedy Syiemlieh won the first place, Lamborlang Ïawren won the second place and Silbirth Marshra won the third place.

At the function of the students were also present D.Kharbani, P.Kharbani and G.R Marweiñ and the closing ceremony was conducted by S.Rynshiang.

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