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A branch of HANM in the border area is to protect the boundary of the State


Amalarem : Today the President of Achik National Movement (HANM), EJHD, Comingsoon Dkhar has said that an extension or further strengthening of branch offices of the organisation especially in the border areas of the State is for the protection of the boundary and land of our motherland. He said that the organisation was not happy with the ‘give and take’ policy as a form of resolving the border issue between Assam and Meghalaya, he also said that the organisation does not want to take the land of others and at no cost will it allow for the land and Himas of Meghalaya to go to other States.

Dkhar also said that due to the encroachment and problems created by Assam from time to time, the organisation will also establish one Association which will be known as the Joint Association Committee Border of Meghalaya which will protect the boundary of Meghalaya. He said that the organization has already done so much of work with regards to safeguarding the borders of the State and therefore the organisation stands firm on the principle of protecting the boundary and land.

Today, the meeting was held at Amlarem, War Jaiñtia and the oath taking ceremony of the members of HANM Syndai Unit was led by the President of HANM, War Jaiñtia Circle, Wanbiang Lakuna with a speech delivered by the General Secretary of HANM,WJHD, Wankishwa Mawlong in which he said that as the organization stands firm on the principle of safeguarding their homeland and community therefore till now the organisation stands firm on the same principle while also stating that encroachment in Meghalaya takes place on all sides, from Assam and Bangladesh as well, therefore he urged upon the members of the border areas with Bangladesh to work hard wholeheartedly towards the protection of the country and community and to not allow others to come and dominate in our homeland. He also passed on words of advice and encouragement to the members of HANM Syndai Unit.

The office bearers of HANM Syndai Unit are Ronaldo Syndai as President, Synta Pohleng as Vice-President, Junom Syndai as General Secretary and other office bearers and members of the organisation.

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