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Jowai: In part to stop indiscriminate of plastic bags, this morning the All Jaiñtia Muster Roll Workers Labour Union( AJMRWLU), Jowai Unit, along with the Khooid Ya Ka Wah Myntdu, workers of Mid Day Meal visited different markets in Jowai city to create a public awareness amongst the market vendors and also the market goers on how to stop the use of plastic bags by using bags made of different materials instead such as jute bags or cloth bags and at the same time have also urged the market goers to carry with them tiffins or containers for buying items like meat, fish and others and for the vendors to pack items in paper or leaf.

The President of Khooid Ya Ka Wah Myntdu, Khroo L.Pariat said that the main aim of these groups is to lessen the use of plastic bags because as it is at present, Myntdu river is almost entirely covered with plastic bags and other types of plastic items, and now especially, all the markets in Jowai city are filled with waste which are generated from plastic items, therefore in order to prevent the excess of plastic waste, the organisation has strongly urged all the public far and near and residents of Jowai as well as those from the remoter areas who come to the city everyday to take precautions in order to safeguard themselves from different diseases which may arise from these plastic bags and to work together henceforth in connection with cleanliness and sanitation in all aspects.

The President of AJMRWLU, Smti.Dayo Iakai said that at present, it is embarrassing to speak of Jowai city and Jaiñtia Hills as a whole due to the uncleared garbage in markets, localities and even people’s houses, therefore from her end, she has strongly urged upon the representatives to take some action as is possible for them in clearing the piled up waste and to work together with the union in order to completely eradicate the use of plastic bags. She said that plastic bags do not degrade easily after they are discarded, which even when burnt produce a foul smell which is toxic to breathe in by humans, therefore once agains she urged all right from the public representatives to cooperate with each other so that cleanliness and sanitation can be brought back again in Jowai city especially the water sources which we use everyday.

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