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Shillong: Today the 26th of March, 2022, the special football tournament for boys and girls known as the ENE Cup was inaugurated at the football ground in Sha Lum Umtyrñuit. The football tournament is especially for boys and girls in the ages between 10 years and 12 years.

The tournament to bring out the talents of the young boys and girls was organised by the famous football player who is now the MLA of Mawphlang constituency, Eugeneson Lyngdoh.

The Chief Guest who inaugurated this tournament is the famous Professional Coach who has coached and guided many football clubs of the State in tournaments such as the I.League, Hering Shangpliang who also retired as one of the officers in the Sports Department of the State Government.

Speaking as the Chief Guest, Shangpliang extended his wishes to Eugeneson Lyngdoh who took upon himself the responsibility of guiding the young children which shows that he is not just satisfied with being famous but the task he has undertaken now is a heavy task for him therefore he strongly pressed upon all present at the ground that each person is required to work together with him so that he can actualise the desire that he has.

Furthermore, Shangpliang wanted to say that God gave every person an innate talent, and it is upto the person to utilise the talent, by giving an example again of the fame achieved by Eugeneson which has come through his hard work on the talent that he is given.

Shangpliang pressed strongly on the young children that it is in this age of theirs when they must love themselves, respect themselves so that they can achieve what they aim in life.

Eugeneson Lyngdoh in his speech said that the children should not have any fear of winning or losing but he urged them to take this tournament as a tournament where they can have fun for when they are having fun,their talents will come out naturally, and added that God will continue to bless the children who have come to participate in this tournament to have an enjoyable game free from injuries.

On this day were also present the famous football player Samuel Shadap and the parents of the children as enthusiastic spectators

In this tournament, there were altogether 10 teams who participated.

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