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The new office bearers of the Dorbar Shnong Lumdiengjri, today morning chased out migrants staying illegally behind a Mosque in Lumdiengjri,and these migrants are those that have come to work as labourers in this area and some of them go and work as labourers in other areas but they all come and stay illegally in Lumdiengjri.

Speaking with T7, Willy Iangngap who is the Assistant Rangbah Shnong said that they had started raiding on migrants since last night and it was found that all these migrants do not have proper documents and this free entry of migrants is a result bod the careless nature of the previous Dorbar Shnong and the former Rangbah Shnong, and as the new Dorbar Shnong, it will continue to chase out migrants who stay and work illegally in the locality.

Strong Kharjana who is the Assistant Rangbah Shnong said that the Dorbar Shnong was deeply concerned after receiving the news that there were a few migrants who have come and stayed illegally without proper documents so they themselves went to find out last night and found the information to be true. Kharjana also said those that have come for the construction work of one building behind the Mosque were chased out immediately, and those that were staying illegally in the area were given time to leave the area by the end of the April, while also expressing concern as the lackadaisical attitude of the previous Dorbar Shnong allowed a chance for the migrants to enter and stay illegally in the locality and as the new Dorbar Shnong, it will not allow any one to come and reside in the locality without the knowledge of the Dorbar and added that if from a Khasi NoC and other documents are sought then it should be the same and more from migrants.

It is said that the Dorbar Shnong has now taken a decision that the house owners and shop owners cannot give out their premises on rent to anyone coming from outside the state except those that have stayed in the locality for a very long time, and the Dorbar will continue to raid indiscriminately any house and shop which have been built and inhabited illegally by migrants.

In this raid were also present, Rahul Kharpor-Secretary of the Dorbar Shnong and a few elders from the Dorbar Shnong Lumdiengjri.


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