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The MDC of Pynthorumkhrah Constituency, Pynshngain N.Syiem yesterday the 19 of March 2022 inaugurated the public facility in Lum Jingthang or crematory ground of Seng Khasi Pynthorumkhrah in the presence of senior office bearers, the women’s group and the youth’s group of Seng Khasi Pynthorumkhrah.

Prior to the inauguration of this public facility for visitors,persons attending the cremation and also for pedestrians passing through this path, invocation and prayers were led by D.Syiem.

Speaking on this day as Chief Guest, P.N Syiem said that as an MDC of the area, it is his duty to be of service to the public in every aspect, and as a representative,he must be fair in his service and provide service in the matters of education,burial grounds and cremation grounds of different religions and denominations.

The MDC said that it is not very convenient to attend funerals when there are no public facilities in the burial ground or cremation ground, and in a short duration of time, the scheme of the KHADC at a cost of ₹2 lakhs was completed which is a blessing for Seng Khasi Pynthorumkhrah.

Furthermore, he said that there has been a discussion to cover the drain flowing through this cremation ground, and to facilitate tap water connection in order to ease the people attending funerals at this cremation ground, and from his end he will follow up on the construction of the walls around the “Ïing Seng” of Seng Khasi in Khliehshnong,Golflink while the first phase is in in progress.

On this day itself, P.N Syiem also handed over 4 solar street lights for use in this site which will be of immense help during the night by providing a sense of safety amongst the pedestrians.

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