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Jowai: The local village administrators of Myntriang,East Jaiñtia Hills District today under the leadership of Waheh Shnong, Mynjur Lamurong, and in the presence also of the Village Secretary-Meyoolangki Manner, Chanel Lamurong, Iamon Lapasam- President KSU Myntriang village submitted a petition with the Deputy Commissioner of West Jaiñtia Hills District to express their strong protest against the dumping of solid waste by the Jowai Municipal Board in the periphery of Myrthiang village,East Jaiñtia Hills District.

The local village administrators while speaking with media persons on the dumping of solid waste by the Jowai Municipal Board (JMB), said that the JMB dumped the waste at one site which is known as Linar in one coal mine which has been left unattended ever since the ban on coal mining by the National Green Tribunal (NGT), a site which is not too far from the village and the village from its end after having found the waste being dumped on the site on the 11th of March,2022, called for a Dorbar or a meeting on the 12th of March, 2022, to find out who may have have been involved in authorising solid waste to be dumped at the mentioned site.

In the emergency Dorbar called by the village, after much enquiry was made and questions asked from the local residents on who amongst them might have been involved in authorising for the waste to be dumped in the periphery of Myntriang village, it was said that in response to this enquiry, Wolding Lamurong claimed his involvement in authorising the dumping of waste at the site by the Jowai Municipal Board. Wolding Lamurong also confessed that the dumping of waste by Jowai Municipal Board at this site was authorised solely by him and the Myntri incharge of cleanliness and sanitation along with the Chairman of Jowai Municipal Board without the knowledge of the Headman, Village Secretary and local residents of Myntriang village.

The local residents of Myntriang village on finding that the authorisation was solely granted by Wolding Lamurong without the knowledge of the village, instructed him and the authorities of Jowai Municipal Board to gather and clear out all the waste immediately to free the village of any unpleasant smell as well as so they can be free from any health hazard that may arise from this waste which the Jowai Municipal Board has dumped at this site known as Linar.

On this demand of the local residents of Myntriang, the village was supported by the Khasi Students Union Myntriang Unit. The village administration has made a pressing demand on the authorities of Jowai Municipal Board as well as on W.Lamurong who is involved in authorising for the waste to be dumped in the village to clear out all the waste which has been dumped there, and the village administration also said that he will be removed from having any link with the local village administration henceforth.

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