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Shillong: The situation, which will wait for the opportune time to sneak on the people of the State has arrived after the present MDA Government has pushed itself to take more loans.

Speaking with media persons, Manuel Badwar, the spokesperson of the Congress party said that as a party,they have met and thoroughly evaluated the details of the Budget presented by the Chief Minister of Meghalaya,Conrad Kongkal Sangma who is also the Finance Minister in the State yesterday.

Badwar began by stating that the present Budget does not allow or take into account the high rate of unemployment or the lack of employment opportunities and does not propose to create new employment opportunities for the many.

At a closer look,Badwar said that this Budget is a Fiscal Deficit Budget in which the expenditure exceeds the revenue and besides that, it is also found that the expenditure is mostly for administrative purposes or in the understanding of the party these expenses are perhaps for parties and gatherings.

The present Budget as found by the party is a Fiscal Deficit Budget which has risen to ₹1894 crores from the ₹1570 crores of the previous year.

The reason for the excess is due to the loan which this Government has taken in which just the interest comes to ₹110 crores and added to that is the continuation in paying the loan which is ₹946 crores while the loan which was already taken is upto ₹2632 crores.

However, in the collection of revenue, the party found a decrease or if it did increase also it is minimal while the capital expenditure has decreased from ₹3647 crores in 2021-22 to ₹3505 crores in 2022-23.

One of the matters that the Congress party has found and seen is on the process to start the Shillong-Delhi flights which as per the information they have gathered, this flight was operational only 19 times and is now stopped and upon closely evaluating the 19 times also, the flights were operated 40% of the times on a loss almost as if they were ferrying relatives and when the expenses for the flights fares are to be made for such cases, the Government’s funds have to be used to cover the expenses.

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