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Jowai: With great distress the local Khasi- Jaintia residents of Block-I area residing in 36 villages on Saturday held a gathering to talk about the many problems they have had to face for many years as a result of the state government abandoning several issues relating to them. The gathering was conducted by the Headman of Mowlain Mitton and held at Mowjem village, West Jaiñtia Hills District.

Ka Sur U Paidbah Khasi Pnar who have lived for many years in Block-I area expressed the problems they have had to face in the hands of the state government and never receiving any benefits or developmental assistance from the government, be it in the form of schools, drinking water, electricity and roads connectivity for the society.

Philip Talang from Lamarang village expressed the views felt by the many residents that they have truly gone through many great hardships especially during times when pregnant women needed to be admitted in Ïalong Civil Hospital, and it is truly worrisome to see the public being abandoned by our own Government.

R.Tamaha from Deinler village said that one of the greatest problems they have faced is the bullying and obstacles created by the Assam Government, in the hands of the Assam Police and also the Forest Department of Assam as well as the militant outfits of Karbi. As Khasi-Jaintia residents of the area, they expressed great woe over the Government’s treatment towards them for many years now and therefore request the MDA Government under the leadership of Conrad Sangma as the honourable Chief Minister to also think about the hardships that the Khasi-Jaintia community have gone through for many years.In hoping strongly that the MDA Government turns its eyes to Block-I area and help them by providing schools, drinking water and other benefits as received by others especially road connectivity which is most needed to ease transportation especially for the sick patients who require to be admitted in hospitals so that they too can live in peace as other Khasi-Pnar communities

in other villages. Furthermore, at the gathering the public expressed the disappearance of the Khatar Dolloi of “Labang Nangpyllut” as most of the villages fall under the jurisdiction of Labang Nangpyllut Dolloiship.

Others who spoke on this day at the gathering included Henry Tyngkan,Coming Dkhar, Daailang Suchiang and others

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